About yesterday....

Hi everyone,
I just came home from the park with my kids. It was another sunny day, my favorite weather. 
I want to tell you a little bit about yesterday. 

I visited another beautiful part of Yorkshire. I was with my family. We visited my friend , Monica. :) I smile because I met her here in England, when I searched information about How to become demonstrator Stampin'Up!, I was surprised to find out that she is from Romania and we both are from Transylvania. Now she is my team leader. 
Because I'm a practical person I was so curious how to run a Stampin'Up! class and I asked Monica to show me one of her classes. So yesterday I attended Monica's class and we made this beautiful project.
I like this butterfly and I love the final result though is not like Monica's. Her is the best.

 I keep it on my window sill like a star :))

After class we spent little more time together. While we had lunch, my kids tried to feed Monica's dog, Nico, with sweets and BBQ :)
And after a full day with more activity our little "clown" slept singing ABC Song :)

 Thank God for making this day so special and thank Monica for her support and her energy. 

That's all for now, see you next time with some Stampin'Up! projects.

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