A lovely weekend with friends!

I had a wonderful weekend.
 Friday it was my daughter 2nd  birthday and Monday, the 6th birthday of my son and with help of my  friends from Bradford, we made a little party for both. 
They love it! 
 We spend such a nice time and the children was so happy to play together. 

I made something between cake and fruit salad. I must say that I don't like to make sweets but this 'cake' it was so easy to make because you can improvise with any fruits.

Of course I didn't forget to use my Stampin'Up! supplies. :) 
for redecorating crayons and a coloring book for birthday favors.
Also one of my friend, brought few bags filled with sweets and another things for children. 

 I want to thank my friends for making that day, a special day for my children and of course for me. 

...now please don't forget about the last day for our Special Offer. If you are interested please contact me and book a Stampin' Up! party.

See you later with another Stampin'Up! projects.

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