I will become an Independent Stampin' Up Demonstrator

Hello everyone,

When I start thinking about what I could do at home while I taking care of my son, I heard about Stampin Up. 
I found tutorials which promoted Stampin Up products, while trying different designs for my projects - wedding invitations. I love to make handmade wedding invitations. Those tutorials were a real inspiration for me, but unfortunately I couldn't  work with such wonderful products because Stampin Up didn't arrived in Romania.
 I arrived in the UK 10 months ago and one of my thoughts and ambitions was to learn more about this beautiful work, Stampin Up.
Searching on google about "How to become an Independent Stampin Up" I found some blogs who promoted these products and on my desperation to find quickly and much information I started to write to girls who administered their blogs about Independent Stampin Up Demonstrator in UK

  I wrote to Julie I can't believe that an Independent Stampin Up demonstrator can be so close to me, 4 miles away. I subscribed to her blog long ago before coming to UK.

I also wrote to Michele Last, a pretty lady who wrote to me that she is happy to explain what is all about the wonderful products that she promoted and she gave me the opportunity to contact Monica Gale, Independent Stampin Up Demonstrator, which is from Romania and we can talk in our native language.

Thank you very much, girls !

So I wrote to Monica Gale, a nice romanian lady who is my best friend already. She visited me last week and we spent a wonderful time together. She showed me and demonstrated some Stampin Up products.

Thanks Monica for your support and your friendship.

I can't wait to start using my own Stampin Up products.

Although I can't decide what to buy for the first time from Stampin Up catalog, I know that I love all products and I want to have as many of these wonderful products as possible.

... my thoughts are in the air.


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