Hello my dear blog readers. I just remember that I haven't shared with you some pictures from my last workshop. 
As you can see on first picture are some cards wich I've made for showing you here on my blog, some techniques and ideas. Because I haven't give them yet I've just used them for decorating room for my in home workshop.
Here are some sweets, tea an juice. The sweets aren't made by me. I'm not good in cooking sweets :)) I wish my mum be here she loves to make cakes and sweets. I must organize another workshop when she will come to visit us. 
She already has a long list with all kind of sweets to make them for my kids. 
Here is a closer view with table, tools and sample wich are ready to be used. 

I've prepared a mini bookmark with poppies for all invites as a thank you gift. I love bookmarks. The stamp I have used for it is called: Pleasant Poppies. Lovely stamp. 
I will always remember this workshop. It was so nice and we all enjoyed the time. 
Here is one of my best friend from Uk. She just descovered few months ago how much does she like creating with Stampin'Up!

We have laught a lot because of this precious lady who always know to be happy. At this workshop I discovered she loves to make people to feel good. When people around her are happy she is happy too. 

And here are two lovely ladies who enjoyed us too in making cards. They was very creative too. One of them loves yellow! :) 
I love so much my job, my hobby. I can connect people from all parts of the world. At this workshop I was glad to host four beautiful ladies from four beautiful countries: England, Romania, Philippines and Caribbean.
Thank you so much that you attend my workshop! You all made my day! 

How could I not like Stampin'Up?! 
 Every day I know more and more nice and beautiful people and I thank God for this opportunity. I also thank and I am very grateful to my friend Monica who is having long patience with me. When I say long is infinite. :)
Till next time I wish you beautiful time and don't forget to look around you. You are going to meet beautiful people and you will enrich yourself. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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...tiktakro... said...

Cat mi-ar fi placut sa pot fi si eu acolo ! pacat ca esti atat de departe ... altfel as veni la fiecare workhop :D .
Felicitari pentru workshop, e clar ca s-a simtit foarte bine toata lumea ! pacat ca nu ai pus poze cu realizarile lor....data viitoare ;)


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