How to make Anemone Hepatica using Stampin'Up! Build Bird Punch

Yesterday on my Facebook Page, I have shared a photo with a flower without a name.  Because I got used to name my paper flowers, I asked my Facebook friends to help me with a name for this beautiful flower.

 I was surprised how similar is my flower with the real 
 even the leaves are almost the same.  

To make this flower I have used only the little wing  and the leaves from Stampin'Up! Build Bird Punch.

I made a video tutorial for you to see how easy is to improve with  Stampin'Up! punches!

If you liked this flower you can also have this punch. Place an order with me or Click Here, sign in or make an account and  feel free to order what you desire from my Stampin'Up! online shop direct to you door.

What do you think? Are Stampin'Up! punches amazing tools for crafters or not?
Do you use Stampin'Up! products? Do you like them?

Leave a comment and tell me what is you favorite product! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!
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