Christmas Workshop at Handmade Gallery in Bradford

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Today I want to share with you some pictures from my last workshop. 
I was so happy that I found some ladies very excited about Stampin'Up! products. They was also very impressed about how simple is to make your own card. The Christmas theme I think is the favorite one for many people. 

This card was the sample. Because I run flexible workshops I give chance to the every member to create a card after their own imagination.

Stampin'up christmas messages

Here is the table whit some cards which I shown them and  of course a box with mint chocolate.

and here are some of  my ladies cards. As you can see they were very creative.

handmade stampin up cards, christmas cards

It was nice to know these girls. 
Thank you so much for this new experience. 

Have a great week and I'll keep you in touch with the next workshop.

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